22 August 2010

(life) get out. leave! right now.

Hey y’all
This is actually my first “life” post! I'm actually surprised that it has taken me this long. At first I thought the blog would be mostly these little journalings. Yes I made up a word.

I'm currently packing up my room at home in preparation for the big move Thursday. I'm toooooooooo excited to get the bloop outta here. I will miss my big sis though!

Last year I had a grand plan for decorating and organizing my dorm room. The colors were going to be orange (my fave), purple, and pink. However, that got derailed when my bedding arrived and it was lime green and turquoise. Womp.

Since I still want my orange and purple room, I’m going to stop neong cheap and get new bedding. I want this amazing Zebra print thick blanket for 20 dollars on overstock, purple silk pillow cases (silk is better for hair), and a short orange shelve unit which may double as a night stand.

It sucks because I actually won’t be able to go dorm shopping ahead of time because I have to work and everyone else is too lazy to take me places. I'm actually thinking of ordering my toiletries and necessities online. Did you know walmart dot com sells products in super saver packs? They have everything from body wash to tampons buy one get one.     

I guess we will see. But I cannot wait to get these couple days I have left here over with. I probably won’t be making any videos or anything until I actually get there. Three days and three hours (drive). Woot woot.

Waiting patiently
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