20 August 2010

(beauty) night out makeup look : grayed mermaid

I was inspired by my very first OOTD.
This look was quite simple and I basically  freestyled

You will need
-a gray base (black, white green, or blue can be substituted)
            I used Stila smudge pot in gray

-medium dark royal blue eye shadow for crease/outer v
(I used NYX Atlantic e/s i have 2 that look different lol)

- a light (blue toned) shimmery green (you can use a teal or aqua also)
            I used NYX Jungle Fever
-a medium charcoal matte or shimmer
            I used Urban Decay Gunmetal which is blue toned.(right there on the end)

-black eyeliner and mascara

-green eyeliner for under eye

For me this look ended up cute but was kind of a fail because the blue overtook the look. I was hoping for something more subdued (and wearable for day) but my dramatic makeup style always takes over. le sigh. But I like it and I wore it happily around the house. I would definitely wear this out at night.

I less than 3 you,
jessimae mua (wink wink)

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