17 January 2015

Project 24 Pan :: 2 week update!


Thanks for stopping by, this is just a quick update on how I'm doing with the project pan so far. I think I'm making easy progress on everything but my eye products, especially the color tattoo and the UD Toasted Eyeshadow... I just want them to be over. I am happy with the rest of my progress, especially finishing 3 things. My goal is 5 for the month. As far as my other goals like my Low Buy, I have purchased 4 makeup items this month, I got two for free and I plan to purge at least 6 items if not more. I like the idea of one in, one out, especially when I can have the freedom to purge to use things up. When deciding when I want to purge, I find it helpful to think about project panning certain items. If you can't imagine panning the item because you know you would hate it, then maybe it shouldn't be in your collection in the first place. 

  1. maybelline color tattoo bad to the bronze | I usually work this is daily, I like it better with satins/mattes than with shimmer shades because it amplifies the already metallic finish but I'm going to keep trudging. 
  2. urban decay naked palette toasted e/s | This eyeshadow still isn't growing on me, I only tolerate it. But it does pair well with the Naked 3, so I can get some use from that palette. 
  3. itsjudytime tan shade | This is a great go-to neutral for me. I can't wait to hit pan on toasted so I can fully enjoy it. 
  4. itsjudytime brown script dupe | This brown can pull purple so it can pair well with toasted too. 
  5. urban decay 24/7 pencil liner perversion | I use it everyday, I never realized ow versatile pencils can be, I tight line with it daily, Ive smoked it out for a date night and I can layer shadows over it for a subtle definition. I'll be sad to see this one go I think!
  6. urban decay liquid liner Perversion | The brush on this one went wonky, but its good for a super thin line on the lashes, but not a wing. 
  7. loreal mascara miss magna mascara Finished on 1/3 Will not repurchase, the wand didnt grab the lashes enough 
  8. too faced Better than sex sample | I think its starting to dry out, so I won't be long. 
  9. Milani Brow Kit in Dark (middle shade) Hit Pan 1/13.  Will not repurchase as it does not stay on the brows all day, but it is a great outer corner eyeshadow so I'll continue to use it.
  10. nars sheer glow foundation in macao Finished 1/16. This is a holy grail product I would definitely repurchase next time I'm light enough for it. 
  11. covergirl ready set flawless in 315 | I haven't touched it yet, but I will starting this next work week. 
  12. mac prolongwear concealer in nc45 | I haven't been super loyal, and I can't see any progress yet unfortunately 
  13. becca shimmering skin perfectors  topaz&rose gold | I often forget to add these :/.
  14. benefit sunbeam | I honestly haven't touched it.  
  15. mac blush fleur power | I use this everyday, and have started to mix it with other blushes. 
  16. mac msf natural in deep dark | I use it daily as bronzer, Goal: Hit pan by FEB 
  17. mac lipstick in rebel l/s | I maybe have worn this 5x
  18. nyx butter gloss in purple l/g | I wear this almost everyday and the shade has really grown on me 
  19. kat von d lolita sample lipstick | I', still enjoying the lip combo of this and the butter gloss. 
  20. buxom full bodied lip color in San Francisco | I havent touched it yet. 
  21. coach poppy perfume | I haven't used it everyday, but its really hard to squirt out,  Goal: Finish by FEB 
  22. origins night a mins |  I hit jar 1/10!
  23. victoria secret love spell | I kind of hate this stuff and I never remember to spray it. 
  24. first aid beauty facial cleanser | I try to use this once a day, either morning or night depending on what my skin needs. 

Thats all I have for today!
Love, Jess

05 January 2015

Project Pan Reloaded!!

Welcome to my Project Pan 24 by 24 week 1 update.

So I had to revamp my project pan since my original post in December. I made a video to kickoff my new plan that I posted a few days before New Years! Here it is below.

I wanted to do a more in-depth blog post about it but I was enjoying my 2 week winter break too much! I did get started with my products and even finished one!!! But I am at a point where I need to change some things. I figured that I would need to re-evaluate my project pan items after working with them for a month or so, but it was clear after a week that I had way too many purple items! A purple eyeshadow base, 2 purple hued eyeshadows, and a dark purple lipstick. I like the color, but that's too much!

So as of now there are 23 products and 2* have been swapped in. I've also decided to classify my highlighter samples as 2 separate products instead of 3.

Updated List of products (product| approx amount left| how Im doing with it)
  1. maybelline color tattoo bad to the bronze | 88% | I need to really get into using this. I sort of resent how it looks more taupe than bronze on me.
  2. urban decay naked palette toasted e/s | 80% | I found a new shade to pair this with, Barlust from ud smoked palette is gorgeous. 
  3. *itsjudytime  palette soft brown | 100%| This is a replacement for the purple shade. 
  4. *urban decay 24/7 liquid liner perversion |50%?| I've already had to replace the brush because it got cracked so I may as well use it up too. 
  5. urban decay 24/7 pencil liner perversion | 50% | Ive started wearing it under my eyeshadow because making a line with it is so much harder than liquid! 
  6. loreal mascara miss magna mascara |FINISHED| This is my first empty achieved 1/3/14
  7. too faced better than sex mini| 80%|  It gives a nice thick lash I can't complain.
  8. milani brow kit in dark (middle shade) | 40 %| I am 40% to pan I think. I started using it in the crease so I can move on faster. Once I hit pan I'm getting dip brow! *all hail dippie* 
  9. nars sheer glow foundation in macao |10%| The pump stopped pumping so I deported into a sample jar. 
  10. covergirl ready set flawless in 315 |99%| Used once to test it, its so green :( I might mix it with a red toned BB cream  have
  11. mac prolongwear Concealer in nc45 |38%| I can only use this if I wear foundation too  
  12. becca highlighter samples (topaz&rose gold) |80%| I mixed the two samples in a 4g jar. 
  13. benefit sunbeam mini | 80%| used 1x
  14. mac blush fleur power | 40%| used every day, no pan yet. 
  15. mac msf natural in deep dark | 35%| used everyday as bronzer. 
  16. mac lipstick in rebel l/s | 50%| I never want to wear this to work because it so bold. 
  17. nyx butter gloss in raspberry tart l/g | 95% | I've been using this a cap ton, no change yet.  
  18. kat von d Lolita mini |80%| I also use this a crap ton, and I like it. 
  19. buxom full bodied lip color in San Francisco |35%| haven't touched it. 
  20. coach poppy perfume |7%| Its getting hard to squirt out. 
  21. origins night a mins | 50%| I find reasons to use this. 
  22. vaseline body lotion 18 oz |92%| Ive been using it after every shower so far. 
  23. victoria secret love spell |?| I forgot to mark this so I will before the next update
  24. first aid beauty facial cleanser |50%| I use this 10/14 times washing my face. 
kicked off the "eye land"
maybelline color tattoo painted purple | 90% left | its super super old and theres no way .
itsjudytime 10th purple shade / 100%/  its not a flattering color on me 
urban decay smoked freestyle e/s | 98%| I am  switching this one out too. Its too pale/ashy  


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