18 June 2011

my cousin's graduation

Friday night was my little cousin Angelique's graduation from my alma mater, ARGS. She is two years younger than me, so it felt weird seeing her in the exact same place I was in 2 years ago because I  know I'm so far from that now. So many things have changed in my life since I graduated from that wonderful place (no sarcasm, my high school was amazing).  Tomorrow is her Grad Party and my aunt asked me to say a couple words, I'm not sure what I'm going to say yet though.

Probably something about their lives starting now. One of the main things that I've been learning, is that the future  I've always thought and dreamed about is already happening to me. I'm living my life right now. Theres no more waiting for it to start. I can either go with it or let it go past me. Theres nothing stopping me, or them at this point from being the person/grownup/young adult they've always wanted to be. Thats sounds corny but its the truth, you know.

What do you guys think I should say? What would be in your graduation speech?

My Outfit: I'm actually proud of it, I felt like I dressed to the occasion well. I paired my lavender $4 lack back top with a sweater I got last year  form Delia's clearance sale. I kept on my Forever 21 jeans that I had on all day and added my dollhouse platform wedges. I accessorized with pearl earrings & stacked pearl bracelets.

13 June 2011

What to Bring to College! (And what not to bring.... )

So here are some things that I suggest having for your dorm room. 
Most dorms have unique rules on what you can and can't have so check your school's website.
Before you get started, contact your roommate. See who has a TV, a fridge, a rug ect. Agree whether to share or not. 

Step #1: Think of everything you do on a regular day to get ready for school and bring all of that stuff.

Step #2: Pack the clothes you need, based on your circumstances. For example, If you are going to school close to home, there's no ned to bring 100% of your wardrobe. Or if you are going to Montana, don't bring a bunch of shorts.

Step #3: Storage solutions: Hanging closet things, bed risers, storage cubes, sacks. If you know you have a lot of something, think of a way to store it.

Step #4: Don't worry about forgetting something, wherever you are going has stores too.

Step #5: Try to pack as compactly as possible. If your family has a hand-truck, bring it. Move-in day will be crowded and hectic you want to make as few trips up and down stairs as possible.  

My freshman year dorm room.
Notice the orange shower caddy& purple "file cabinet" 
Bed set with 2 sets of sheets and a mattress pad

Alarm clock*
Trash can
Desk lamp
Computer and charger
Assorted storage
Cleaning products
Your ID, Social security card, birth certificate, insurance info and bank info 
*(your phone can serve as an alarm clock,  you can buy food when you get there)

*(these can be bought when you get there, but if you like a particular brand you may want them ahead of time)
Pouf/bath gloves (no wash cloth)
Large bath towels (and or) Robe*
(2 Bottles each) of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, razors and body lotion. 
2 toothbrushes and toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss.
Face wash and moisturizer.
Hair products including styling products, tools, accessories (hair ties), and deep treatments.
Cotton balls, makeup remover swabs/Q-tips, nail care, etc.
Perfume/Cologne/Body spray
2-3 Deodorants
A shower Caddy and 1 storage bin to hold them all
(in a co-ed dorm, anyone could be on your hall when you get out of the shower, so it’s a good idea to be covered up )
Sophmore year, my bed is on the right. 

(all of these can be bought on arrival)
Your favorite non-perishable items
Something to eat/drink them out of
Box of plastic spoons & forks
A Brita pitcher

Storage Suggestions
My food bin & my hair bin on top of my fridge.
Pink storage unit under the bed 
1 bin for extra toiletries
1-2 for food and Cups, plates ect.
Closet hanging shoe/jeans rack
An under bed unit. Plastic or cloth*
A large duffel bag/suitcase/ can act as a storage unit too*
A large nylon laundry bag *
(depending on how many/few clothes and shoes you are bringing, don't buy suitcases unless you are going on a plane)

Desk organizer
Filing system
Pen holders
Dry Erase board

Laundry detergent
Iron & mini board
A fan
A fridge
TV w/ cable cord
Ethernet cord
A printer
DVD player and dvds
Gaming Console and controllers
Band-Aids & Neosporin
Scissors and tape

Drawer organizers
Bed risers
Shoes under
Laptop locks
Large shoe racks
All your clothes/shoes/accessories
Anything expensive/irreplaceable

5 and below
Dollar stores

06 June 2011

(Fashion) ootd summer trends

Hey Y'all,  I'm finally back. :-)
This simple outfit actually was a long way coming. The Forever 21 coral top was the perfect match with the H&M shorts because neon, coral, and animal print are all hot summer trends.   

A Little Intro

Hi! I'm Jessica . Im a 20-year-old currently majoring in English Lit & Secondary Ed at a large school in Maryland. I'm not sure what I want to do with my life as of yet but I would like it to involve words.

Welcome to Beauty Lit! Get it? Like Women's Lit or Brit Lit but Beauty lit. omg im so clever...

you can contact me at beautylit2@gmail.com
Originally, I planned on starting this blog during my freshman year of college. I was moving pretty far away from the rest of my friends and family and they all encouraged me to keep writing and start a blog.  But I didn't listen :/ I ended up barely writing a word over 14 months.
I really want to rediscover my love of words and explore new and old interests.

Sooo uh yea, what else can I say?
I’m a Taurus through and through. I’m addicted to the internet. I hate strawberries. I love Winnie the Pooh. My hands are usually cold. Other people rarely can follow my train of thought. I would make a really good copy editor. I don’t want to live in New York. I’m obsessed with understanding other people.
I plan to:
1. Document my natural hair journey.
2. Share beauty and makeup advice and information I find in my personal life and all over the internet.
3. Talk about books!!
4. Practice something I love (writing), and perhaps share some original poetry/nonfiction.
5. Share my "journey to become a stylish 20 something" as I strive to get out of my graphic-tees-and-jeans habit.
6. Discuss general interesting things I learn.
7. occasionally misspell words and disregard capitalization...


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