15 August 2010

(fashion) freshman year of highschool

So here is the first installment in my little makeshift series on my style history. I can't improve if I don't look back and see mistakes right?
There I am in the middle with my bff Tyshanda and my friend Wendell from high school. I think I got that graphic tee from Wal-mart. I think I wore this stinkin shirt every week. lol sad.
2005 or 2006 

I remember feeling self conscious in my jeans-and-a-tee combo because my shirts were sometimes too short (this is a chronic problem for me actually, I guess I'm a crack addict!). I felt (and looked) lumpy due to ill fitting bras and my tum. 
Le sigh, I was cute though and look how young we look. I'm going onto my sophomore year in college and high school already seems like a distant memory. {cliché alert haha :P}

so that's it babes, stay tuned for more
xoxo jess 
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