13 August 2010

(fashion) Mission Impossible?

(just so you know it’s like my goal to always have the corniest post titles)

Hello lovely people!

It is officially T minus 13 days until I get by butt back in Maryland. I am so excited to leave my boring house and my ridiculous job at McDonalds. I’m not complaining or anything I appreciate what I have I’m just ready for school to start back up.

I have tons and tons of goals for this upcoming semester! I don’t even want to get into them all because I am going to try and focus on one topic per post as to not confuse the 3 people that may read thisJ.

This post is about fashion {sexy transition! whatthebuck!}

I look kind of like this from day to day.

My formula (est. 2005) is simple.
Jeans+ long cami + fitted shirt+ flats = everyday look

I have mixed it up with colored jeans, long sleeves layered under, hoodies, boots, polos layered under (shudder), ect.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the look and usually think I'm presentably cute, I just don’t want to dress like I'm 15 anymore. I’m going to be 20 in like 9 months! So one of my goals is to change up my style J

It will excite and amaze (hopefully)!
love you much!

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