07 December 2011


Check this out:

Funbi of DatFunkyFRO and OMO OGO Naturals is hosting a Christmas giveaway!

She is giving away natural hair products that OMO OGO Naturals sells including a Black Soap Shampoo, Shea-Cocoa Butter and (the one I want) Avocado Butter!

All her stuff is around 15.00, so its pretty affordable, but free.99 is better :)

I'm entering, and I hope y'all will too.


06 December 2011

No pants for today!


tunic, leggings, and cami: Forever 21  Boots: Dolce Vita via Endless.com

Today was one of those days where I just didn't want to wear pants. Instead,  I chose leggings (2 layers of them). And it was great :)

05 December 2011

Ms. Prof

top: forever 21, jeans: forever 21, shoes: dirty laundry via DSW 

When I got this sweater, I knew I'd want to wear it to work (I tutor), so I could feel all professor-ly.
(It worked)

03 December 2011

Jesssimae's last goodbye!

The last video I'll post under the name jesssimae:

BeautyLit on Youtube

Here is the trailer for my new youtube channel, BeautyLit!

I am no longer going to use my jesssimae channel, I just wanted the black and vlog to share the same name.


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