19 August 2010

(fashion) OOTD

Hey y'all!
Ok, so I admit I fail because I actually wore this Tuesday…but what can ya do, ya know?

So here it goes…

It’s a shirt I bought last year from forever 21 and I had previously worn it buttoned and belted over a cami with leggings or jeans. It was under 15…I don’t really remember. As you can see it has a pleat effect at the waist so it flows away from the body when buttoned up.

The tank top is from a small sort in a strip mall. I don’t remember L but it was 9.49 on sale. It’s a thick material and feels sturdy, probably to help the print last.

The shorts are from Forever 21 also. They were I think 10ish dollars on the fabulous finds section at the beginning of summer.

The shoes are from Charlotte Russe. My bff Jasmine gave them to me. They are hightops but I rolled them down. They look good both ways.

Lol so yea, I actually love this outfit. I think I'm on the right track with, my fashion mission to think outside the box, create more interesting outfits and so on and so forth. I really liked this because it showed off my body but I still felt relaxed and a bit punky with the shoes and everything I realize that this may be so, so, basic but I'm completely new to this layering thing. In the beginning of summer (before my fashion blog obsession) I would have never thought to wear these items this way. I know crazy, huh?  

Check out  My Youtube Channel for live footage soon J

Luv ya babes,
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