22 August 2010

(life) get out. leave! right now.

Hey y’all
This is actually my first “life” post! I'm actually surprised that it has taken me this long. At first I thought the blog would be mostly these little journalings. Yes I made up a word.

I'm currently packing up my room at home in preparation for the big move Thursday. I'm toooooooooo excited to get the bloop outta here. I will miss my big sis though!

Last year I had a grand plan for decorating and organizing my dorm room. The colors were going to be orange (my fave), purple, and pink. However, that got derailed when my bedding arrived and it was lime green and turquoise. Womp.

Since I still want my orange and purple room, I’m going to stop neong cheap and get new bedding. I want this amazing Zebra print thick blanket for 20 dollars on overstock, purple silk pillow cases (silk is better for hair), and a short orange shelve unit which may double as a night stand.

It sucks because I actually won’t be able to go dorm shopping ahead of time because I have to work and everyone else is too lazy to take me places. I'm actually thinking of ordering my toiletries and necessities online. Did you know walmart dot com sells products in super saver packs? They have everything from body wash to tampons buy one get one.     

I guess we will see. But I cannot wait to get these couple days I have left here over with. I probably won’t be making any videos or anything until I actually get there. Three days and three hours (drive). Woot woot.

Waiting patiently

Animated Confessions: Daniel Footwear Giveaway!

Hey guys, check this girl out! Her blog is cute and she has a great give away running until aug. 31! I know I'm entering!

Animated Confessions: Daniel Footwear Giveaway!

(fashion) wishlist: gladiator wedges

Question: Has anyone ever had this dilemma?

You are looking around the internet blogs, YouTube, LookBook, Chictopia, etc...and you come across some impossibly interesting item. Being the skillful online shopper you are, you track down reasonably priced dupes for said awesome item. 

But should you buy it? Would you really wear it more than once? I have so many pairs of shoes that get little live, but these are so unique and are only like 30 dollaaaaars! (lol whine)

what say you?

this is photo is not my property, i found it on chictopia and did not save it properly. 

I'm confused,

20 August 2010

(fashion) wishlist: delias skirt

Hey everyone :)So, this is an installment in my adventures in styling/fashion upgrade adventure!I really love this skirt I found on the delia's website. If i get it, these are some items that I would pair it with. My favorite fall look right now is the feminine skirt paired with a tougher boot. Maybe my style is that girl-meets-boy  trend with the Annie Hall feel? I guess we will see. now, I don't already own all of this stuff, or even similar items in some cases but I'll improvise...and I still haven't bought fall clothes for this year so you never know!

thank you, come again!

(beauty) night out makeup look : grayed mermaid

I was inspired by my very first OOTD.
This look was quite simple and I basically  freestyled

You will need
-a gray base (black, white green, or blue can be substituted)
            I used Stila smudge pot in gray

-medium dark royal blue eye shadow for crease/outer v
(I used NYX Atlantic e/s i have 2 that look different lol)

- a light (blue toned) shimmery green (you can use a teal or aqua also)
            I used NYX Jungle Fever
-a medium charcoal matte or shimmer
            I used Urban Decay Gunmetal which is blue toned.(right there on the end)

-black eyeliner and mascara

-green eyeliner for under eye

For me this look ended up cute but was kind of a fail because the blue overtook the look. I was hoping for something more subdued (and wearable for day) but my dramatic makeup style always takes over. le sigh. But I like it and I wore it happily around the house. I would definitely wear this out at night.

I less than 3 you,
jessimae mua (wink wink)

19 August 2010

(fashion) OOTD

Hey y'all!
Ok, so I admit I fail because I actually wore this Tuesday…but what can ya do, ya know?

So here it goes…

It’s a shirt I bought last year from forever 21 and I had previously worn it buttoned and belted over a cami with leggings or jeans. It was under 15…I don’t really remember. As you can see it has a pleat effect at the waist so it flows away from the body when buttoned up.

The tank top is from a small sort in a strip mall. I don’t remember L but it was 9.49 on sale. It’s a thick material and feels sturdy, probably to help the print last.

The shorts are from Forever 21 also. They were I think 10ish dollars on the fabulous finds section at the beginning of summer.

The shoes are from Charlotte Russe. My bff Jasmine gave them to me. They are hightops but I rolled them down. They look good both ways.

Lol so yea, I actually love this outfit. I think I'm on the right track with, my fashion mission to think outside the box, create more interesting outfits and so on and so forth. I really liked this because it showed off my body but I still felt relaxed and a bit punky with the shoes and everything I realize that this may be so, so, basic but I'm completely new to this layering thing. In the beginning of summer (before my fashion blog obsession) I would have never thought to wear these items this way. I know crazy, huh?  

Check out  My Youtube Channel for live footage soon J

Luv ya babes,

15 August 2010

(fashion) freshman year of highschool

So here is the first installment in my little makeshift series on my style history. I can't improve if I don't look back and see mistakes right?
There I am in the middle with my bff Tyshanda and my friend Wendell from high school. I think I got that graphic tee from Wal-mart. I think I wore this stinkin shirt every week. lol sad.
2005 or 2006 

I remember feeling self conscious in my jeans-and-a-tee combo because my shirts were sometimes too short (this is a chronic problem for me actually, I guess I'm a crack addict!). I felt (and looked) lumpy due to ill fitting bras and my tum. 
Le sigh, I was cute though and look how young we look. I'm going onto my sophomore year in college and high school already seems like a distant memory. {cliché alert haha :P}

so that's it babes, stay tuned for more
xoxo jess 

13 August 2010

(fashion) Mission Impossible?

(just so you know it’s like my goal to always have the corniest post titles)

Hello lovely people!

It is officially T minus 13 days until I get by butt back in Maryland. I am so excited to leave my boring house and my ridiculous job at McDonalds. I’m not complaining or anything I appreciate what I have I’m just ready for school to start back up.

I have tons and tons of goals for this upcoming semester! I don’t even want to get into them all because I am going to try and focus on one topic per post as to not confuse the 3 people that may read thisJ.

This post is about fashion {sexy transition! whatthebuck!}

I look kind of like this from day to day.

My formula (est. 2005) is simple.
Jeans+ long cami + fitted shirt+ flats = everyday look

I have mixed it up with colored jeans, long sleeves layered under, hoodies, boots, polos layered under (shudder), ect.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the look and usually think I'm presentably cute, I just don’t want to dress like I'm 15 anymore. I’m going to be 20 in like 9 months! So one of my goals is to change up my style J

It will excite and amaze (hopefully)!
love you much!

06 August 2010

College Tips

Hello People!
I'm making a series of videos for incoming college freshmen. You know,  just giving any  tips and advice I can think of that may be helpful.
here are the first two

In case you don’t feel like sitting through 20 minutes of video here are some of the things I talk about and some I don’t.
-stay focused and keep the faith. No matter what happens, you always have to remember that you are at school to get an education and your work needs to be you r number one priority. It’s easy to get caught up in your social life, parties, or even groups and organizations, but in the end if you don’t have the grades, you can lose it all.  If you do catch yourself slipping, don’t beat yourself up either! GO out find an advisor/teacher/upperclassmen and get yourself some help.
-don’t be too proud to ask for help. Remember you aren’t the only one! College is a lot harder than high school not only academically, you now have to deal with a whole new way of life in a new place, that’s a lot on a 18-year-old.
-plan plan plan You are in charge of your own school work/life so you cannot take a passive role. Get out your planner, your syllabi, and your facebook event page and take control


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