30 November 2011

Naked Palette 2 Update!!


Apparently this is a pic of the NEW naked palette. Again taken form the UD facebook. It's BEAUTIFUL. And I was wrong, its not cool toned! Here are the shades and my descriptions, based on the picture.

1. Foxy- Buttery Vanilla highlight
2. Half Baked- high shine yellow gold
3. BootyCall- light champagne-ish highlight
4. Chopper- bronze
5. Tease- Teak medium brown (matte)
6. Snakebite?- looks like smog, medium brown shimmer
7. Suspect- lighter peachier med-brown
8. Pistol- interestng grey/brown/ silver...kinda taupe-ish
9. Verve- white silver
10. YDK- looks like sidecar
11. Busted??- purple brown
12. Blackout - black-black (matte)

It looks like 12 shades (WITH A BLACK!!!) with AT LEAST 2 re-promotes.

Im Juiced :)

Do you think you'll buy??

******UPDATE AGAIN******
more swatches on the UB facebook



I saw yesterday on Urban Decay's Facebook  that they are releasing a new Naked palette. As of now there is no official name for it . But I'm guessing Naked Palette 2. No one know much about it but they did release 3 swatches. I speculate that this palette will contain 12 or so COOL TONED shades, since the original palette was mostly warmer colors. How FUN! 

Are you into cool toned eyeshadow? Will you be the first to pick this up?
Click the link above for more info on their FB page.  



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