11 December 2014

Project Pan 2015! Intro Post

Project Pan Items 12/11/14

I already posted a...post about why I'm doing this project pan, you can read it here. Here is my first project pan that officially starts today! I was going to start it on January 1, but today happens to be 6 months until my birthday so I think thats even more fitting.

I decided not to go on a no buy, but I am on a low buy. I have an upcoming post about my ideal makeup collection and basically I have some categories that I only have a few items in so its ok for me to buy more. A low buy for me means that I will restrict my shopping, aiming for l new purchase each month with the goal to save up for a birthday haul in May.

I guess I can just go into my rules:

1. Use all PP items 5x a week. I usually wear makeup to work and on one weekend day so 6x total. On the 6th day I can use whatever products I want. Most of my other makeup is packed away at this point so I can focus on my products.

2. Reapply Lip items 4x a day. I am super nervous about my lipstick and lipgloss in this challenge, but this way I can wear another color during the day and apply the lipstick after work or when I'm just lounging at home.

3. One Eyeshadow at a time. I have 6 eyeshadows in this thing so I am going to only focus on using up one at a time so I don't get too frustrated.

4. Pan means pan. I will be happy to hit pan on my items and if I finish them that would be like a bonus.

5. The amount I hit pan on is the amount I can buy over the period, including my birthday haul. So if I buy 5 things before my birthday and I only finish 5 items, then no birthday haul for me :(

6. I will be on this journey for 6 months, ending on my 24th birthday. Updating once a month.

And Here are my items:

1. urban decay naked palette sidecar
2. urban decay naked palette buck 
3. urban decay naked palette half-baked 
4. urban decay naked palette smog 
5. urban decay naked palette toasted 
6. urban decay smoked palette rockstar 
7. mac lipstick in rebel 
8. nyx butter gloss in raspberry tart
9. urban decay 24/7 pencil liner perversion 
10. mac blush fleur power
11. loreal mascara miss magna mascara
12. nars sheer glow foundation in macao 
13. mac msf natural in deep dark

1-6. I'm tackling about half of the naked palette! As you can see nick and smog already have pan showing so the goal is to nearly use those up. Half baked has a crater so I should be able to hit pan on that quite easily. Sidecar and Toasted are another story they both have small dips form me making efforts to use them all fall but theres not much progress. I'll be focusing on Toasted to hopeful get close to pan by next update! As far the the purple shade, I will be using that mostly as a lower lash line pop of color. 

7. mac lipstick in rebel This is one of the first lipstick I fell in love with. I remember getting it back in 2012 after I crossed because all of my line sisters had it. But it is getting old and I need to get some solid use out of it before it goes bad. Hopefully I can keep up with reapplying it because I have a decent chunk of product to run through here. I measured it up against a game of thrones coaster I keep on my vanity (I marked after the photo). I pray to the old gods and new I can finish this thing soon. 

8. nyx butter gloss in raspberry tart I got this gloss on a whim when I was in nyx butter everything heaven and they were 50% off at ultra this summer. I'm really more into matte lips if I'm wearing a vibrant color. I'm really only into nude or light pink/peach glosses so I really don't need this one. I have only used up one lipgloss back in college when I owned a total of two so I'm super nervous on this one as well. its 99.9912% full. 

9. urban decay 24/7 pencil liner perversion I got this one in my smoked palette which I've had since 2012 so its time for this one to go as well. I love the look of liquid liner so I plan to put this down first and then sharpen my line with the liquid. Same Coaster different line :)

10. mac blush fluer power I have had this blush 2011! It was the first blush I owned but I guess I event shown it enough love to hit pan on it. I can see that some of the pan is showing on the sides of the product so I suspect I have been wearing it down evenly. We shall see!

11. loreal mascara miss magna mascara This is the newest product of the bunch. I got it in September 2014 and it's a really good mascara. I needed something easy in the challenge right!

12. nars sheer glow foundation in macao This was my first high end foundation and I love it to pieces. It's a light yellow toned color that only matches me in the dead of winter but its beautiful when it does. I definitely recommend it if you have a color match. The coverage isn't sheer at all, and I may  mix it with a bb cream if it feel its too much coverage. Middle school kids will ask their teacher why she's wearing so much makeup -__- I may need a beauty spatlula to really empty this out.

13. mac msf natural in deep dark This is my second MSF in this color, the first one turned before I finished it so I'm excited to use this one up. Right now I'm using it as a bronzer and the entire dome of the product is worn down so I think I can do it. I think I can...I think I can. 

OK thats it! Feel free to follow with Google +, or bloglovin to keep up with my progress!
If you have a project pan going on let me know so I can follow :)


10 December 2014

Whats in my Z-Palette?!

Last Wednesday, after school and my grad night class, I went to Sephora to return my ambient lighting palette. I got 48$ back since I bought it in the VIB sale. I also had my $20 dollar off $50 coupon so you know I had to get something. I wanted to maybe get a Becca highlighter, but I really didn’t feel like driving all the way to the location near me that carries that line. I also didn't feel like spending my whole refund on one item! Those highlighters are HELLA expensive, especially if you factor in cost per wear, which I always do. If I pay $50 dollars for a foundation, I’m ok with that because I can use it every time I wear makeup, however I’m a middle school teacher so my everyday makeup routine does not usually call for highlighter. (Definitely not a 40+ dollar one). I just can't justify it. 

But that was a tangent!

I ended up using my coupon on a First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser, a Small Sephora Z Palette, and a (gotcha item from the travel section) the Kat Von D Lip Love Set.

I took all my new goodies home and re-did my Z palette! I have my Original Naked Palette in here, my UD Smoked palette that I de-potted that night, 4 MAC shades and my contour color that cracked horribly when I de-potted it. She's a beaut aint she!

what's in my z palette

I love it! It gives me so much variety and I can see everything I have at once. And now that I also have the smaller Z palette it gives me more options to mix and match for my travel makeup bag.

Hope you enjoyed!

09 December 2014

Why I'm going on Project Pan

If you are like me (a Youtube beauty junkie) then you have been sucked into the vortex which I like to call “buy all the things!”

If you have had this moment you know what I'm talking about: You're watching a few people’s monthly favorites and before you know it you have a 5 different carts on makeup websites full of random items totaling a few hundred dollars.

Beauty bloggers and Youtube Gurus are influencers who often get sent products to try, they make money off of their internet presence and need to keep reviewing an trying new things to keep their audiences interested. ALTHOUGH I AM WRITING A BEAUTY BLOG AT THE MOMENT, I AM NOTHING MORE THAN A SMALL TIME BROKE-A** GRADUATE STUDENT! Maybe one day I’ll be on that level, but I assure you I am not currently. It’s great to learn about new products and want to try them out but for the everyday person, it can get out of hand quickly.

Because of this, I have decided to change my focus from “buy it all!” to “use it up!” There is an awesome project pan community on Youtube and in the ‘blogosphere’ where beauty lovers decide to focus on really enjoying, using and loving the products they have before indulging in more, more, more.

Last month I shared my makeup inventory, which was my way of holding myself accountable to the items I have. There are over 100 items on there and only about 5 empties. That means that I’m constantly buying things and either not using them or not getting through them before I buy replacements. 

I’m realizing that I don’t need to buy everything that I like, even if it’s cheap, because I have plenty of stuff at home I can use to get a similar look. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY GOLD/BRONZE EYE SHADOWS I HAVE!?

For example I have 55 total eye shadows. It could take 3 months of constant use to finish an eye shadow and lets say I use 3 a day so that’s 12 finished a year. Going off that, it would take me 4.5 YEARS to finish the shadows I have now with everyday usage! That’s enough to discourage me from buying the 2 palettes I wanted this holiday season.

Just some food for thought. Sorry if I went OC on the caps lock!

08 December 2014

Weekly Makeup Basket #1 WOC edition

I'm starting a project pan for 2015! I have a whole post on why I made the decision coming up tomorrow. But my first step is starting up doing weekly makeup baskets! The purpose of this is to challenge myself to focus on particular products and find awesome go-to looks that will come in handy when my panning challenge actually gets started.

I also noticed that every morning my tiny vanity table ends up a mess! It’s because I have too much crammed on to it. So in deciding what I will be using for a week or two I can pack my other products away and cut down on clutter.

So here are the shadows I'll be working with.

And the eye bases, the third one is MAC Indianwood

 Finally, my foundations.


Since this is my first time doing this I wanted to just focus on eyes and face  products. I didn't do a full face for a few reasons: 1. I don't own multiples of everything (ex. I own 1 face primer) 2. I still need to figure out what blushes and lippies look best with the eyeshadow  3. Since I'm new at this I didn't want to make it impossibly restricted. 
All the best, 

De-potting Adventures

I decided to take the plunge (or spatula) and de-pot my Urban Decay Smoked Palette. I got this one back when it came out in 2012 because I was on the “buy everything” bandwagon. When I did use it I mostly lived on Barlust because it’s like a more intense version of Smog from my original Naked Palette. Other than that I used the blue (Evidence), green Loaded) and purple (Rockstar) shades a handful of times. I decided to depot this palette because I realized that it’s not the perfect travel palette for me. The shades are mostly dark and smoky and when I travel I'm more likely to wear minimal or neutral eye shadow and I’ll wear a bright lip for going out. It just made more sense to get rid of the packaging and have easier access to the actual eye shadows on a daily basis.

Here are the results!

It was a super easy process I used the spatula provided in the Sephora Z palettes and used the no-heat  method from this video 

Stay tuned for my Full Z- Palette! 
Much love, 


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