28 February 2012

Awkward Black GIRL!!!!!

Hey Y'all!
Are you fans of The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl webseries???
If not, you should be! Seriously, click here and go watch

 I brought their college tour to our school and it was an amazing event and experience. I learned so much about planning, coordinating, and paying attention to details. I wouldn't trade last Friday night for the world.
Here are some pics!

Aren't Madison and Issa beautiful lol :))


Packed house!

Everyone who helped out!!! Love them :) 
This was such an amazing day :) 

Please check out ABG and become as awkward as me lol
-love jess

26 February 2012

Feeling Colorful (I am ;) )

Hey everyone!!!
How was your week???
I just wanted to share some recent pics of my hair and makeup. Woop! (lol)

I recently re-discovered mt Wet N Wild lipstick...I'll have to do a review on it but its a purple shade.
I just threw my coral ELF lip conditioner in on top and voila!

I'm going to have to rock this lip look again as for my eyes, I'm wearing my WnW comfort palette and probably brown script e/s from MAC. 
 'cuz I'm really loving it. 

My hair is actually from my very first braid n curl, Curly Nikki style!
I made a Leave-in from my Giovanni Direct Leave-in, Castor and Olive Oils, and Aloe Vera Gel. 
My roommate let me borrow her yellow perm rods and I worked it out from there.  
Pretty Good Huh??
Lots of love!!!!!!

17 February 2012

Tutoring, Naked, Mint apple w/ FX (blogged from phone)

Soo...I'm sitting in the football team house waiting for a student. This is my second tutoring job. My first is working with highschool student on Saturdays and I definitely like that job better. I'm pretty blown at the irresponsibility and the lack of caring. Why should I care if he doesn't? I suppose that is the ultimate dilemma of a teacher/ educator: sometimes you WILL care more than they do, but even when they repeatedly let you, their family, and themselves down, you still have to care. If no one believes in them, they will never improve.
Any who, here's my breakfast and my NOTD.
Naked berry veggie juice. This is not my favorite, but it is decent way to get red friuts and veggies in my diet. I'm more of an orange mango girl.
Sinful Colors Mint Apple nail polish and milani jewel fx! I'm so happy to finally find it after of months of keping an eye out!  

11 February 2012

OOTD: Black History Month

 Dress, Sweater: Forever 21
Scarf: Borrowed from Roomate
Shoes: Chinese Laundry Via DSW.com (35.00)

This was the day of the black History Kick-off at schol. I had to wear something nice to go to the dinner, they had in the black cultural center.

The even was really nice, except the keynote speaker made us feel guilty for not knowing all the trivia questions in the game we played....kinda weird. I agree that we should have a better working knowledge of our history,  but you can't speak to a room full of college students like children.

Really Good Stuff,

09 February 2012

OOTD: First Day of school


Sweater: Zara (19.99)
Button -Up: Delias (13)
Jeans: Forever 21(9.50)
Boots: Dolce Vita via Endless.com (74.00)

Hey Everyone,

I hope your new year is going well and you are reaching all your goals. I'm a little behind with posts because of school, you know how it is, so heres my first-day ootd. You cant see it in the (*cellphone cough*) photos, but the blue top has purple running through the plaid. I thought it was a pretty nice outfit, and though it may seem basic this was very inventive on my part. GO ME! lol

Thanks for lookin!

06 February 2012

Accomplisher of Random things...When I have lots of other things to do.

Writing is hard. Even for people who like to write. Especially under pressure/ deadline. Especially when you know you are good but always forget the steps in-between a blank .doc and a paper with a 94 on it.

Right now I am struggling to figure out when I'll have time for all the reading and writing I have to do. My blog is important, but it is also on the verge of being neglected yet again. I will figure this out, promise.

I'm working on a personal narrative for my professional writing class. It has the potential to be really good, I just have to focus and really work at it.  Only thing is, I also have to read an entire play by tomorrow. And I have homework for the class the essay is for. And my boyfriend has his first soccer pickup game and he's really excited for me to go.  Its 5pm. I have class at 11am. Thats not a lot of time.

I go through this all the time. And I bet you do too.

I dont know where this was gong, but I wrote it! Yay somethings accomplished.

Jessica = accomplisher of random things.


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