30 September 2010

(hair) my transition

Transitioning process:

I transitioned through My senior pictures, My senior class trip, my 18th birthday, prom, senior showcase, and my graduation. (feb 2009- june 2009)
I did have a short transition, but it was also difficult because I had so many events to attend. I mainly lived in twisted bantu know-outs for the first month in a half. I got it straightened in April for my pictures (My stylist who I had been going to since I was 14 complained the whole time!) After that I got my mom to cornrow my hair every night for braid-outs. (I didn’t know about second day hair lol.) Then I got micros in the front with a sew-in in the back (My first time having weave like that!)  After I took that out, I only had another week until my big chop.
I used a lot of Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In and Hello Hydration during my transition. I had a lot of breakage because I didn’t know what I was doing but I was cutting my hair so short I really did not care. 

29 September 2010

(fashion) bestie ootd :)

 Last Wednesday my friend and I were late for class. Okay that doesn't sound so bad. but the fact that we had a field trip and were supposed to meet in DC kinda made it worse. LOL heres some metro pics :-)
jasmine is probably wearing mostly charlotte russe 

this is our life lol

 h&m top 9.50
sisters skirt - free
flats H&M 15 ish
 isnt she cute 

ok bye

27 September 2010

(hair) why i went natural

September 2008 
Why did I go natural?

It all started very simply. I wanted curls. I saw a celebrity (I think It was Kelly Rowland or someone) with shoulder length wavy curls and I wanted to mimic that look. I had done the short angular Rihanna cut that was so popular in 2008 and my hair was growing back so I wanted a different look. As I researched online I found that the black girls who I saw wearing a straight or wavy looks were wearing sew-ins. That was out of the question for me because I had seen too many bad weaves in my life to go there. So I kept searching curly hair, African American hair and I eventually stumbled upon afrobella.com and blackgirllonghair.com. I saw the incredible curly fros, fro-hawks, twistouts and I wished I could have that, I wondered how all these amazingly fly women got their hair like that. My hair never did anything cool like that. So I actually started reading the posts, instead of just looking at the pictures (lol) and started to catch on. I didn’t have to get relaxers. There are some people that don’t get relaxers. Lots of them. And they look cute. I wanna look cute!! And it finally clicked that if I didn’t get relaxers my hair would be all awesome  like the girls on the blogs.
September 2010
I know it sounds remedial, but in real life I had never seen anyone who looked like me with naturally curly hair. The mixed girls either got relaxers too or they straightened. And  the maybe (MAYbe)  two girls who were actually natural didn’t wear their hair out, only in braids or buns. I had never witnessed “the dopeness of natural hair” in person.
September 2010
excuse the blown face lol i was working on a paper 
So of course I lived vicariously though the girls on the computer screen. I read their stories, about self love and strife. How society doesn’t always embrace us, so we have to love ourselves that much more. I started to live and breathe it. I fell in love with the community, the natural mindset and the emphasis on health. I started transitioning right away in February 2009 and never looked back :)

more to come. 
love. jess. 

13 September 2010

some time last week...

omghhke i look so skinty lol! 
shirt: tarjay $5
skirt: rainbow $15ish cant remember
belt: F21 $4.80

HEY! Things have been crazy and I haven't been feeling up to writing so I resorted to a little prompt to go along with my OOTD and FOTD.
thats my roomies dresser i never use hairspray
i look like a blogger lol

For me the sound of childhood is how the “good” dishes rattled in the old metal cabinet when you jumped or even walked too hard on the sky blue and white “marbled” tiles. When it rained really hard the basement would flood and a thin film of water would start to form over the linoleum like dew drops. My aunt would dare me to jump as high and fall as hard as I could so I could crash through and take a swim. That’s just how she was. She burned fire ants, knocked out my baby teeth, and reddened our knuckles during card games.   

I originally wanted to combine creative writing with beauty blogging so heres my first attempt. It will get more fluid eventually and maybe the sample will go along with my OOTD theme.

                                                                     winged liner with stila smudgepot. purple lip nyx african queen.          
                                                                                       prestige baked bronzer as highlight :)
Yay for dabbling in new things! I never used a highlight before and it looked pretty good.

This was good for me, how was it for you? Lets do it again sometime.


01 September 2010

(fashion) first day back to school...and the day after

hey everyone 

this is just going to be a quickie. what i wore monday and tuesday, my first two days back to class this semester. 
laughing at my "photographer"

im about to get some sleep but i should have time tomorrow to properly update, and hopefully make a video for you guys. 

love jess


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