09 December 2014

Why I'm going on Project Pan

If you are like me (a Youtube beauty junkie) then you have been sucked into the vortex which I like to call “buy all the things!”

If you have had this moment you know what I'm talking about: You're watching a few people’s monthly favorites and before you know it you have a 5 different carts on makeup websites full of random items totaling a few hundred dollars.

Beauty bloggers and Youtube Gurus are influencers who often get sent products to try, they make money off of their internet presence and need to keep reviewing an trying new things to keep their audiences interested. ALTHOUGH I AM WRITING A BEAUTY BLOG AT THE MOMENT, I AM NOTHING MORE THAN A SMALL TIME BROKE-A** GRADUATE STUDENT! Maybe one day I’ll be on that level, but I assure you I am not currently. It’s great to learn about new products and want to try them out but for the everyday person, it can get out of hand quickly.

Because of this, I have decided to change my focus from “buy it all!” to “use it up!” There is an awesome project pan community on Youtube and in the ‘blogosphere’ where beauty lovers decide to focus on really enjoying, using and loving the products they have before indulging in more, more, more.

Last month I shared my makeup inventory, which was my way of holding myself accountable to the items I have. There are over 100 items on there and only about 5 empties. That means that I’m constantly buying things and either not using them or not getting through them before I buy replacements. 

I’m realizing that I don’t need to buy everything that I like, even if it’s cheap, because I have plenty of stuff at home I can use to get a similar look. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY GOLD/BRONZE EYE SHADOWS I HAVE!?

For example I have 55 total eye shadows. It could take 3 months of constant use to finish an eye shadow and lets say I use 3 a day so that’s 12 finished a year. Going off that, it would take me 4.5 YEARS to finish the shadows I have now with everyday usage! That’s enough to discourage me from buying the 2 palettes I wanted this holiday season.

Just some food for thought. Sorry if I went OC on the caps lock!
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