10 December 2014

Whats in my Z-Palette?!

Last Wednesday, after school and my grad night class, I went to Sephora to return my ambient lighting palette. I got 48$ back since I bought it in the VIB sale. I also had my $20 dollar off $50 coupon so you know I had to get something. I wanted to maybe get a Becca highlighter, but I really didn’t feel like driving all the way to the location near me that carries that line. I also didn't feel like spending my whole refund on one item! Those highlighters are HELLA expensive, especially if you factor in cost per wear, which I always do. If I pay $50 dollars for a foundation, I’m ok with that because I can use it every time I wear makeup, however I’m a middle school teacher so my everyday makeup routine does not usually call for highlighter. (Definitely not a 40+ dollar one). I just can't justify it. 

But that was a tangent!

I ended up using my coupon on a First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser, a Small Sephora Z Palette, and a (gotcha item from the travel section) the Kat Von D Lip Love Set.

I took all my new goodies home and re-did my Z palette! I have my Original Naked Palette in here, my UD Smoked palette that I de-potted that night, 4 MAC shades and my contour color that cracked horribly when I de-potted it. She's a beaut aint she!

what's in my z palette

I love it! It gives me so much variety and I can see everything I have at once. And now that I also have the smaller Z palette it gives me more options to mix and match for my travel makeup bag.

Hope you enjoyed!

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