08 July 2011

Day 8 – A song to match your mood.

lol remember when RhiRhi looked like this?

My pick for today is Hate that I Love you by Rihanna and Ne-yo. I'm a big Rihanna fan, in fact in the 11th grade I thought I WAS her a little bit....anyways, thats a story for later. 

For me this song symbolizes the way I feel sometimes in my relationship. It's about those moments where you realize that love often means giving up your own power and self control to, I guess, coexist. This is a big thing for me because, as a poet/writer, I get to control how much I reveal and how personal I get. Even if its really, really personal its okay because I deliberately chose to make it that way. Sorry to be sappy, but you can't do that with love. In my relationship, I'm ALL in and its scary and I kind of hate that it has to be this way sometimes. But at the same time I love him and he deserves...everything IMO ☺

Anyone ever felt this way? Hate Rihanna? Love Ne-Yo? Lemme know:)

love jes 
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