20 April 2015

Finish by Summer/ Spring Project Pan Update No.1

Hey all!

This past month has flown by so fast for me. We moved apartments over spring break so I didn't use much makeup, but then I did my sisters makeup twice for photos so I feel like I did make up for that. In some of my products I see significant change and some only a millimeter or so. I really need to put up a post it to remind myself to use some items as well, that has helped me in the past but I haven't added that to my new set up yet.

Project Pan Items 6/7 remaining 

  1. Urban decay 24/7 pencil liner perversion |still a nub!| I usually use this to tighten but I admit I dint do it everyday and if I'm too lazy to sharpen it I just skip the step. At this rate it'll take until June. 

2.   Urban decay smog eyeshadow| widened pan in the middle| I used this more often than not, but if I'm not wearing makeup, or much makeup eyeshadow is usually the first thing to go. The pan is a little wider but I mostly focused flattening the sides. 

3. MAC Prolongwear Concealer in nc45 |7-10% left, previously 15%| I've gotten dark enough that I don't have to mix this with my foundation but I still can if I want. I'm going to need another for my sisters wedding because this shade works on her so I may end up repurchasing after its gone. This is definitely a staple concealer.

4. Tarte lights camera action mascara sample |opened 3/1| I've been using this in conjunction with my Loreal Telescopic and its great. I probably won't purchase the full size but I really am enjoying it. 

5 . MAC mineralize skin finish natural in deep dark | About 40 squares showing, previously 20 | I've been working on this by using it as a bronzer, I'm really happy with the progress. 

6. Shea moisture jbco leave in  |20-25%,previously full| This is a great shaving cream and the scent doesn't last on my skin so I don't mind it as much. 

7. Oyin handmade juices n berries |DONE|  I liked this, finished on 4/5 and I already replaced it with a Creme of Nature one. 

  • NEW ADDITION!  MAC fluid line in black track. I have a big dip going and I would like to hit pan on it before summer. 

Project Progress- Spring 

This part of the project is just to focus on some items and get use out of them. I got into a pattern last year where I bought items "for the future" but by the time "the future" came I had moved on. I want to make sure I dedicate some effort to these products this spring season.

(Goal-dents) urban decay mildew/shattered/grifter - I probably used these 5 times combined so thats no bueno. I need to get braver with adding color to my looks! You can see some use in Mildew, used it on my lash line. 

(Goal-dip) Mac indianwood paint pot- The dip in this one is steadily growing but I could stand to use it more. I have used it a few times as valid shade when I want wearing much makeup. 

(Goal-half) Nyx peaches & cream butter gloss - I haven't been using this one either, I keep misplacing it I found it under the couch before taking the picture. I do want to get to the second set of writing on the packaging by June. 

(Goal-half) Mac RiRi woo - I probably wore this one 3 times which is a lot considering I never wear red lips. I want to wear this on a weekly basis. Its very hard to photograph but I did measure it on the first update, and 'll do it again in June. 

(Goal-dent) becca opal pressed - I was really good about wearing this in the inner corner of my eye, unfortunately thats a very small area. I will continue to try and make it work. The texture shown in the middle is the use so far.

 Thanks for stopping by!

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