09 April 2015

Finish 7 by Summer (With a twist!)

This winter I was able to finish 12 products during a Project 24 pan I was working on. I decided to call that project quits after I saw that Spring was here. A change in season is a great reason to change up your make up. This spring I definitely want to finish up some older products but I'm running out of really old items! I decided to focus on some old and bring in some new, not to finish them but just to make some progress. You'll see that some of these products are roll overs from my last projects.  I want to participate in the 7 bt Summer challenge, but I know most of my products will be done by June 27th. As I finish things I can choose whether to sub in more things or not.

Project Pan Items

  1. urban decay 24/7 pencil liner perversion |nub!| I've been working on this pencil since December. I really like it but it is 2+ years old and drying out a bit. 
  2. Urban decay smog eyeshadow|major pan| This one is from the naked palette. I have a backup in the ammo palette. It's already got good pan, so I may as well finish it. 
  3. MAC Prolongwear Concealer in nc45 |down to the last bits| I've been making a bb cream with this and it's moving fast. I want to do a b2m soon and this will be my 6th item. 
  4. Tarte lights camera action mascara sample |opened 3/1| I really like this one and I've been crushing samples. 
  5. mac msf natural in deep dark | About 15-20 squares showing | I've been working on this one and I've been widening the pan since January. If I get enough sun I can wear it all over my face. 
  6. Shea moisture jbco leave in |full| This stuff stinks like playdoh:/ I will use it as a shaving cream until it's gone. 
  7. Oyin handmade juices n berries|20% left | I like this but I want to try a different one. 

Project Progress- Spring 

This part of the project is just to focus on some items and get use out of them. I got into a pattern last year where I bought items "for the future" but by the time "the future" came I had moved on. I want to make sure I dedicate some effort to these products this spring season. 
  1. (Progress-dents) urban decay mildew/shattered/grifter - just focusing on spring colors. I plan to use these mostly on the bottom lash line though. 
  2. (Progress-dip) Mac indianwood paint pot- it will pair well with smog 
  3. (Progress-half) Nyx peaches & cream butter gloss - I loved my raspberry tart shade this winter and this shade makes my nudes and mlbb look beautiful. 
  4. (Progress-half) Mac RiRi woo - this is one of my oldest if not my oldest lippie at this point. As much as I love it, It would be a waste to not use it. 
  5. (Progress-dent) becca opal pressed - I find myself loving this so much I want more shades but the reality is I need to see some major progress before justifying purchases like this. It's not something I wear daily or can wear a lot of. 

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