17 February 2012

Tutoring, Naked, Mint apple w/ FX (blogged from phone)

Soo...I'm sitting in the football team house waiting for a student. This is my second tutoring job. My first is working with highschool student on Saturdays and I definitely like that job better. I'm pretty blown at the irresponsibility and the lack of caring. Why should I care if he doesn't? I suppose that is the ultimate dilemma of a teacher/ educator: sometimes you WILL care more than they do, but even when they repeatedly let you, their family, and themselves down, you still have to care. If no one believes in them, they will never improve.
Any who, here's my breakfast and my NOTD.
Naked berry veggie juice. This is not my favorite, but it is decent way to get red friuts and veggies in my diet. I'm more of an orange mango girl.
Sinful Colors Mint Apple nail polish and milani jewel fx! I'm so happy to finally find it after of months of keping an eye out!  

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