23 January 2012

woc lipstick review: revlon super lustrous coraberry

Hey loves, 

Today's Review:  Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Coralberry 

I'm starting to go through my makeup stash, swatching and reviewing my products.  

A little about me & my reviewing style: I am a college aged, African-American female. I have both golden and red tones to my skin depending on the time of year (redder in the summer, more gold in the winter). I use Smashbox HD foundation in Dark.  For reference, my closest MAC shade is NC50, it is my concealer color. I live on a college (tiny) budget and I will rate my products on affordability and if I feel the product is worth the money. 

Retail Price: $5-$8 

Product description: Infused with mega-moisturizers to seal in color and softness. Find your lip color amongst a dazzling array of 72 fabulous, fashionable shades! Exclusive LiquiSilk™ formula with mega-moisturizers seals in color and softness
.  Silky-smooth, creamy texture.  Stay true color wears evenly.

Texture(3/5): this is a very sheer lipstick, although its suppose to be a crème. When I attempt to build it it starts to look uneven and clumpy almost. It needs to be blended out to achieve an even look—but then its sheer again. The formula also had little tolerance for dry lips, so exfoliate before use.

Color (3/5): This lippie is a beautiful coral/orange shade that looks great on me. It however doesn’t look good for long because I have to use a pretty thin layer, and it fades fast. A lip-liner does help the staying power, but all f the ones I own change the color to pink! Its also difficult to get this color to look the same on my two toned lips.

This lipstick is far more beautiful in the tube than in action. I mainly use it to warm up or slightly lighten other lip colors, since it does so little on its own. I wouldn’t recommend this, because I’m sure there are more pigmented corals out there that can last longer. 

Peace Kiddies, 

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