02 January 2012

WOC Lipstick Review: Avon Ultra Color Rich - Instant Mocha

Hey loves,

I'm starting to go through my makeup stash, swatching and reviewing my products. 
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A little about me & my reviewing style: I am a college aged, African-American female. I have both golden and red tones to my skin. I use Smashbox HD foundation in Dark and for reference. My closest MAC shade is NC50, it is my concealer color. I live on a college (tiny) budget and I will rate my products on affordability and if I feel the product is worth the money. 

Price: $7.00 (often on sale for 3.99 or less)  

Product Claims: Creamy color that shapes and defines lips. Wider coverage for easier application. Non-feathering moisturizing formula.  

MY REVIEW (9/10)

 Texture: (5/5)The product description for this formula is accurate. This mauvy medium pink satin/crème lipstick goes on smooth and is very easy to wear. The best thing about this line of lipsticks is that they are VERY forgiving. This is the type of lipstick that you can wear even when your lips are a little chapped and peeling because it doesn’t emphasize imperfections. It’s also moisturizing.  

Color:(4/5) The color is great and suits my brown complexion well.  It can easily lean pink, brown, coral, or red, this versatility makes it easy to mix with other lippies, which is something I love doing. I feel comfortable wearing this color because it can be subtle when you need it to be, but it can also be built up for a brighter color. The only reason I took off a point is because the name mislead me to think it was going to be more of a nudie-pink/brown. 

 This lipstick is definitely worth the money I paid for it. It’s wearable and useful for   everyday looks. If you are looking for great lip shades for Women of Color or just getting into lipsticks, I recommend this line because they are so easy to wear and the low price make the a low risk. 

Click Here to purchase at AVON

swatch in artificial light, no other makeup

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