09 January 2012

WOC Lipstick Review: Avon Ultra Color Rich - Oxford Wine

Hey loves, 

I'm starting to go through my makeup stash, swatching and reviewing my products.  

A little about me & my reviewing style: I am a college aged, African-American female. I have both golden and red tones to my skin depending on the time of year (redder in the summer, more gold in the winter). I use Smashbox HD foundation in Dark.  For reference, my closest MAC shade is NC50, it is my concealer color. I live on a college (tiny) budget and I will rate my products on affordability and if I feel the product is worth the money.

Product description: Creamy color that shapes and defines lips. Wider coverage for easier application. Non-feathering moisturizing formula. 

one or two swipes, and blended

MY REVIEW (8/10)
Texture: (4/5) This vampy red-purple lipstick goes on smooth and is very easy to wear.  Like the other lipsticks in this line that I own, Oxford Wine is VERY forgiving. This is the type of lipstick that you can wear even when your lips are a little chapped and peeling because it doesn’t emphasize imperfections. It’s also moisturizing with a glossy finish.  The texture is a bit thin, so it needs more maintenance if you want to keep the vibrancy, but I prefer the stain it leaves.

Color: (4/5) The color in the tube is intimidating, but when its on the lips it’s a lot more wearable. I like to blend it out with a pink gloss, because I don't want to look like Elvira up in here. This lippie also eaves a pretty stain so its easy to layer it on, and wipe it off after a few minutes for a subtle deep red stain. I sometimes mix it with a red lipstick or gloss, but the red usually takes over and there is no purple to be seen.

I got this lipstick on a whim, I wanted to experiment and the price was really cheap so I went ahead and did it. If you like a purple lip or a red-purple lip stain, this is an excellent affordable option. However, the color doesn’t always work with every look and would be most suitable for fall/winter. It’s a great product and it’s on trend, so if this suits your taste I’d say go for it!

See ya next time!!

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