26 November 2014

Back again? & My Makeup Inventory Nov.2014

I've been thinking about getting back into blogging again for a while. This past May I started graduate school to become a secondary english educator (fancy words, I really just attempt to entertain 6th graders all day while tricking them into learning to read and write new things). The whole doing student teaching 4 days a week while dealing with other life changes has been ridiculous. I kept planning this big catch up post but it always became too daunting of a task, and I'm my brain daunting tasks that aren't a grade get put on the lack burner indefinitely. So I'm going to do what educators do and start where I am and go from there.

Last weekend as I procrastinated on a short paper I was supposed to write, I created something amazing. Its a Makeup Inventory in excel. You can see it on google drive here 

Here is a screenshot of the first page. I have everything in categories of Eyes, Lips, Face, and the broken down into type. Since I did most of this without knowing how to use excel, I don't have everything completely organized by brand. But after I saw the list compiling, I had the Ides to at least include the product shade name and the actual color it is. I then listed the asking price and the season I bought it in. All Fall 2014 purchases are going to fall under 9/1/2014 for example.

On a separate chart in the same file, I have an empties inventory list as well so I can track what I'm using up and record any thoughts, this is only the end of that chart.  I have used up 109.00 dollars worth of product since this summer. 

This is definitely excessive, but I want to analyze how much I'm spending on makeup vs. how much I'm using up in 2015. For fun. Im so grad school analyzing data is fun for me. 

If you would like the original file to make your own, feel free to email me at beautylit2@gmail.com

Love ya, Bye!
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