13 September 2010

some time last week...

omghhke i look so skinty lol! 
shirt: tarjay $5
skirt: rainbow $15ish cant remember
belt: F21 $4.80

HEY! Things have been crazy and I haven't been feeling up to writing so I resorted to a little prompt to go along with my OOTD and FOTD.
thats my roomies dresser i never use hairspray
i look like a blogger lol

For me the sound of childhood is how the “good” dishes rattled in the old metal cabinet when you jumped or even walked too hard on the sky blue and white “marbled” tiles. When it rained really hard the basement would flood and a thin film of water would start to form over the linoleum like dew drops. My aunt would dare me to jump as high and fall as hard as I could so I could crash through and take a swim. That’s just how she was. She burned fire ants, knocked out my baby teeth, and reddened our knuckles during card games.   

I originally wanted to combine creative writing with beauty blogging so heres my first attempt. It will get more fluid eventually and maybe the sample will go along with my OOTD theme.

                                                                     winged liner with stila smudgepot. purple lip nyx african queen.          
                                                                                       prestige baked bronzer as highlight :)
Yay for dabbling in new things! I never used a highlight before and it looked pretty good.

This was good for me, how was it for you? Lets do it again sometime.

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