30 September 2010

(hair) my transition

Transitioning process:

I transitioned through My senior pictures, My senior class trip, my 18th birthday, prom, senior showcase, and my graduation. (feb 2009- june 2009)
I did have a short transition, but it was also difficult because I had so many events to attend. I mainly lived in twisted bantu know-outs for the first month in a half. I got it straightened in April for my pictures (My stylist who I had been going to since I was 14 complained the whole time!) After that I got my mom to cornrow my hair every night for braid-outs. (I didn’t know about second day hair lol.) Then I got micros in the front with a sew-in in the back (My first time having weave like that!)  After I took that out, I only had another week until my big chop.
I used a lot of Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In and Hello Hydration during my transition. I had a lot of breakage because I didn’t know what I was doing but I was cutting my hair so short I really did not care. 
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