08 March 2012

My goals for 2012, a 2 month update

I'll admit it, its been hard to keep up with my goals for the year so far. I think it's partly because I have not loked back at them since I wrote it...I definitely need to implement a visual reminder. But let's go back and see what I have and have not done.

1. I have writen all but one of my papers on time. I can still achieve this
2. I still procrfastinate, but its only gotten to a stressful leel once.

Overall there is still hope for me here. On the other hand, I have accomplished more then ever on campus in planning my first event so I'm proud and can say I accomplished something in the past 2 montss.

I'm failing here! Leaving my schedule open and going to excersize ehen I feel like it is not woking for me. I need to modify my goal to make it more specific because 1x a week is generally ineffective.

Financial Goals
1. My I have paid the bulk of my discover bill down but I'm not there yet.
2.  I have only been able to stick to my beauty budget, its been so hard to figure out how to factor in unexpected expenses.  Does anyone else have the problem where if you have a plan like to spend only $50, and you have to dip into it, youll spend that 50 anyway. I'm way too defiant to budget. (Something to work on)

Overall, I realize I'm a little off track, but I can still recover at this point. I need to focus mainly on my purchasing. 
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