30 November 2011

Naked Palette 2 Update!!


Apparently this is a pic of the NEW naked palette. Again taken form the UD facebook. It's BEAUTIFUL. And I was wrong, its not cool toned! Here are the shades and my descriptions, based on the picture.

1. Foxy- Buttery Vanilla highlight
2. Half Baked- high shine yellow gold
3. BootyCall- light champagne-ish highlight
4. Chopper- bronze
5. Tease- Teak medium brown (matte)
6. Snakebite?- looks like smog, medium brown shimmer
7. Suspect- lighter peachier med-brown
8. Pistol- interestng grey/brown/ silver...kinda taupe-ish
9. Verve- white silver
10. YDK- looks like sidecar
11. Busted??- purple brown
12. Blackout - black-black (matte)

It looks like 12 shades (WITH A BLACK!!!) with AT LEAST 2 re-promotes.

Im Juiced :)

Do you think you'll buy??

******UPDATE AGAIN******
more swatches on the UB facebook

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