18 June 2011

my cousin's graduation

Friday night was my little cousin Angelique's graduation from my alma mater, ARGS. She is two years younger than me, so it felt weird seeing her in the exact same place I was in 2 years ago because I  know I'm so far from that now. So many things have changed in my life since I graduated from that wonderful place (no sarcasm, my high school was amazing).  Tomorrow is her Grad Party and my aunt asked me to say a couple words, I'm not sure what I'm going to say yet though.

Probably something about their lives starting now. One of the main things that I've been learning, is that the future  I've always thought and dreamed about is already happening to me. I'm living my life right now. Theres no more waiting for it to start. I can either go with it or let it go past me. Theres nothing stopping me, or them at this point from being the person/grownup/young adult they've always wanted to be. Thats sounds corny but its the truth, you know.

What do you guys think I should say? What would be in your graduation speech?

My Outfit: I'm actually proud of it, I felt like I dressed to the occasion well. I paired my lavender $4 lack back top with a sweater I got last year  form Delia's clearance sale. I kept on my Forever 21 jeans that I had on all day and added my dollhouse platform wedges. I accessorized with pearl earrings & stacked pearl bracelets.

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