07 October 2010

how to survive a college party part 1

Lesson one :Crazy things happen on college nights out. Here is how to deal J

Exhibit A: On campus sponsored party. (I.e. not a house party)

This party may be some sort of welcome back to campus type deal. It may be an annual bash. It could be thrown by a frat, campus orgs, or student unions. No matter what it’s probably going to be packed and live.

This is how you will survive
  1. ALWAYS have a fully charged battery on your cell phone!!!!
  2. Get a ticket. You may have to stand in line, you may feel like such a freshman being all brand new but you are going to want to be there so just suck it up.
  3.  Get a group. As a female, you don’t want to approach a campus wide event alone you need support, you need a circle of friends to dance in, and you need people on your side to pull you away from the creepers and uglies.     
  4. For males, its okay for you to be in a group, but you may want to disperse. And sharp female can sense a pack of dudes coming and will gather her girls and relocate. For guys I recommend no more than two or three travel together.
  5. Get dressed. This will depend on the fashion atmosphere of your school. If you go to a “fashion show everyday” type school you are going to want to amp it up, think heels. For my school it’s pretty much a tee and sweats type place, flats all the way. For the party I went to there was everything to tank and shorts to dresses and heels so I felt a happy medium. (I was kind of overdressed for my group. But hey, what’s wrong with standing out J)
  6.  Males please shower, that’s all we ask.
  7.  Makeup? I love makeup so I put some on, but for an on campus party, it’s not needed at all.
  8.  Meet up in a friend’s room near the party location. Here comes the real question: To pregame or not to pregame? I would say no, or at least do so minimally. There is more security involved with parties like this and you don’t want to be caught. Be smart. Don’t be sloppy. But I would never tell you to drink what kind of person would I be! So you are all gathered in so and so’s room…
  10. Get there. If it’s on campus then it’s not far away. Aim to leave your room thirty minutes after the party start time. This way you definitely won’t be first and the party will really be getting started when you walk in. 
  11. Dancing. Do it…Dance alone, dance with your friends, dance with the opposite sex and enjoy yourself. You don’t have to dance with every guy who asks. Snatch your friends if they are dancing with someone who is not respecting them. (in appropriate hand placement, her giving you the help me look, etc)
  12. Males please note: we don’t like to be grabbed and fondled or bent over by strangers. We don’t have to dance with you if we don’t want to. Maybe we are tired or don’t like the song, don’t be so sensitive and stop calling us bitches for it.
  13. Take breaks! Go to the bathroom, freshen up, you’re going to be sweaty and get some water because you’re going to be tired out. Especially after the reggae mix.
  14. Hold hands! Physically connect to each other so no one gets lost in the crowd.
  15. Party’s over! Don’t just go back to your room. Ride the high of a good party and partake in McDonalds, Taco Bell whatever you got, take after pictures, and build memories. You made it.  

party hard loves, jessica 

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